Honorary Treasurer

Strong in sciences and technology, and love a low-impact lifestyle. He begins his career as a scientist in cell and molecular biology, focused on fat synthesis, cancer research, human microRNA and oil palm genotyping, with 10 publications in local and international scientific journals. He likes to share his knowledge with his students while mentoring postgraduate students in university and lecturing in college. 


Working for a US startup, he has the opportunity to lead an R&D team, develop products and commercialize it. In addition, he has also accepted the offer to lead the setting up and managing of manufacturing and servicing department. He was then employed as senior management by a corporate in Malaysia to lead the commercialization of their products. This opportunity used all his skills from strategic planning to factory design and construction, instrumentation acquiring, technical processes optimization and development, production database design, information technology setup, standard operating procedure (SOP) establishment, administration documentation and authorization, human resource management, occupational safety and health (OSH) setup and maintenance, marketing, customer acquisition, trade secret handling, etc. 


He is a leader who leads teams of scientists, engineers, technicians and salespersons to success. Through his leadership, he has successfully set up an RM6.8 million project with more than RM2 million annual revenue. Nevertheless, he was also a business development consultant for an education company, operation and digital content consultant for a digital property company and channel strategy consultant for an e-wallet company. He also has experience advising various industry, from technology to medical, education, agriculture, manufacturing, property, car, tourism, retails and services.