Precious mangroves in Langkawi Geopark illegally destroyed – FreeMalaysiaToday

ECOMY’s President Irshad Mobarak in the news, raising awareness and giving his views on the destruction of mangroves in Langkawi. PETALING JAYA: An environmental NGO is shocked over the destruction of a mangrove forest in the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park in Langkawi, Kedah. Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (EcoMy) president, Irshad Mobarak said the precious natural mangroves at the park, had been cleared some four months ago. “I visited the place about a month ago to have look and was devastated at what I saw. “Rumours were rife with many assumptions from the local community and nature guides, so when I visited the site, I found no signage erected indicating the site was earmarked

Mangrove destruction leaves other ecosystems at peril now – FreeMalaysiaToday

Part 2 of ECOMY’s expose.. President explains the urgent need to protect fragile ecosystems. We call upon the state govt to take heed and engage with experts on any current & future plans to ‘develop’ unique areas. ECOMY looks forward and will continue to support and assist all quarters as best we can. Malaysia is blessed with amazing natural assets, lets protect them and showcase to the world our ecotourism potentials and high standards of conservation. PETALING JAYA: An environmental NGO, has called on relevant authorities to take immediate action and protect Langkawi’s vital ecosystems, following the destruction of a mangrove forest on the island. Commenting on the mangrove forest in the

Birds can be a big deal in tourism, says naturalist – Malaysian Insider

What Andrew J. Sebastian, naturalist, environmentalist and bird guide, really wants is for Malaysians to look at the photos of birds in Malaysia, and think, “Wow! our country has wonderful things to offer. Birds are a big deal.” Sebastian’s days and nights are spent talking, educating, promoting and persuading everyone he meets to fall in love with birding, which is the hobby of watching birds. Malaysia has many species of birds that many Malaysians are not aware of, but foreigners are. This is why he is setting on a new path: championing ecotourism, with a focus on birds. Sebastian will be presenting Malaysia and promoting birding at the first American Birding Expo, which started yesterday.

Nature lovers feel app-y that youths prefer online dating – The Star

PETALING JAYA: Nature lovers are feeling relieved that many youths are using dating apps instead of throwing mandarin oranges into rivers to find their partners. Traditionally, during Chap Goh Meh, single women would write their contact details on mandarin oranges and throw them into rivers in the hope of finding love. Unfortunately, this practice has led to a lot of waste being thrown into rivers, requiring resources to clean them up later. Andrew Sebastian, CEO of the Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (Ecomy), understood that the practice was a cultural one, but he would rather people celebrate the day in more nature-friendly ways. “Out of respect for the people who practise thi

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