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Great Hornbills by Dan Extension (Shutterstock) Animals have relationship dramas that can rival some of the most iconic movie scripts, and even our own love hijinks, discovers Elena Koshy. WE have love stories for every occasion. We thrive on love. We think we have the monopoly on that warm fuzzy feeling, which inspires all kinds of sappy poetry, candies and gifts. Grown men turn to love-struck mush, ladies swoon and some of the greatest love stories have arisen from the eternal dalliance between humans in love. However, we have nothing on the dramas that exist in the animal kingdom. You think you got the moves this Valentine’s Day? You haven’t seen anything yet because sometimes animal love

Pangkor Project Phase 2

ECOMY is proud to present our graduating group of mentees, who have successfully gone through the Mentorship Programme for Phase 2. Congratulations to the mentees Mohd. Pin, Joe, OG, Firdaus, Ismadi and Suhaimi. We look forward to future collaborations with these group of pioneers and put Pangkor on the world map for ecotourism using best practices, to promote the protection and conservation of the precious heritage found in this remarkable island.

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