Tourism Lab

ECOMY’s Andrew J Sebastian presenting on January 26, 2016, on the birdwatching industry and groups analysis on its future development. Tourism Lab 2.0 at MATTIC Kuala Lumpur with the Dep Minister of Tourism. Thank you PEMANDU, MOTAC, Tourism Malaysia and all members of the group discussion.

Tourism Lab

ECOMY’s CEO presenting the Tourism Lab’s overview on Birdwatching, this time with PEMANDU and discussions with the various department heads of Tourism Malaysia on February 2016.

Article in New Straits Times

ECOMY is proud that Honorary Treasurer Elena Koshy has written another article out in the NST on February 6, 2016. A sad story (excuse the smiling) about how we have lost the Sumatran Rhino in our wild. Full article about the background will be posted by NST online soon. Our thanks to Intan Maizura and hope the powers that be will do more, including netizens and members of the public.

Raptor Watch Article on NST

ECOMY is proud once again that Honorary Treasurer Elena Koshy has written a wonderful article celebrating Raptor Watch. Malaysia’s own unique ecotourism event held on 12th March 2016.

Pembangunan Pesat Punca Bencana Alam – Berita Harian

ECOMY’s Andrew Sebastian comments in the national Berita Harian newspaper today on the ongoing flooding woes in the klang valley as a mirror or other parts of the country as well. Berita Harian dated 17 December 2015.

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