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When a scientific expedition brings together a group of school children into their conservation work, you can be sure it's a serious affairs, writes Elena Koshy With a land area of approximately 1,800 hectares, Pangkor Island, off the coast of Lumut is considered tiny. But don’t let its diminutiveness fool you: big things are happening here. Over the past week the island had become the site of a quiet, but grand conservation experiment.The experiment isn’t just about the 150-strong (and serious) researchers making their way into the island’s pristine primary rainforest or diving into the depths of her seas to document and record her hidden natural treasures in the hopes of making a meaningfu

Society calls for conservation of endangered tree species

Shorea lumutensis or balau putih is only found in several parts of Perak. THE CRITICALLY endangered tree species Shorea lumutensis only found in Perak must be conserved, and promoted as an eco-tourism product to prevent IT from going extinct. Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (Ecomy) co-founder and CEO Andrew Sebastian said the species, locally known as balau putih, can only be found at the high conservation value forests (HCVF) of the Sungai Pinang Virgin Jungle Reserve on Pangkor Island, Segari-Melintang Forest Reserve, and at the Teluk Rubiah Forest Reserve in Lumut. Sebastian said Ecomy hopes to find ways to develop and package these areas into a proper eco-tourism product fol

Mossing Around With Dr. Hazrina

"Stop getting yourself confused with Algae, Mosses are not Algae". - Dr. Nik Norhazrina, Pangkor Scientific Expedition 2017. Upon hearing her research on moss, I skeptically asked myself “Why moss?” as many of us usually considered moss as a 'non revenue' plant. But moss in fact is a big contributor to our planet's ecosystem according to Dr. Nik Norhazrina Nik Mohd Kamil of UKM. "Moss is a pioneer plant, they are the first to lay the footing of a future forest. They trap and retain water. They are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and sterile." "So what triggered your interest in moss?" I then asked her assistant, Ms. Farhani. "Moss are very esthetic, they are like small trees with twigs, branches

Pangkor Scientific Expedition 2017, 15 - 21 July 2017

“Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta..” a popular and old malay saying, roughly translates to “One only loves what one knows/understands”. This awareness as well as an appreciation for the island’s natural assets is the key to inculcating a love for one’s environment and a sense of ownership over it. Islands are, today, the forefront of conservation battles. Of 724 known animal extinctions in the last 400 years, about half were of island species, and of the bird species that have become extinct in that period, at least 90 percent were island dwellers! A scientific expedition is crucial to understand, manage and hopefully protect Pangkor Islands! This proposal lays out a 2 part, 7 day expedition that wi

To all things ‘natural’ – The Sun

Presentation of the mock check from Watsons Malaysia to Ecomy, in aid of ‘Treasure Our Tapirs”. (From left) Sebastian, Safe Tree marketing manager Daniel Leong, Watsons Malaysia customer director Danny Hoh, Loh, Watsons Malaysia finance and IT director and A.S. Watsons Group CSR ambassador Low Siew Hui and Watsons Malaysia head of trading Foo Hwei Jiek. NATURALS by Watsons, a brand under Watsons, raised over RM18,900 through a nationwide campaign. Resonating to the brand name “Naturals”, the personal care store decided to donate monies collected to a nature-inspired and natural cause, hence, the “Treasure Our Tapirs” fund started by Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (Ecomy). The d

Baby elephant killed in highway accident – The Star

Tragic incident: The young elephant that was found dead on the Gerik-Jeli Highway. -Picture by Alicia Solana-Mena/MEME IPOH: A two-year-old elephant was found dead in a pool of blood by the roadside of the Gerik-Jeli Highway in Gerik, some 130km from here. Perak Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) director Loo Kean Seong said state officers found the carcass at around 7am last Friday. “While incidents like this do not happen often, we would like motorists to be extra careful when driving along this highway. “We have already erected signboards to notify motorists that there would be elephant crossings along the stretch of the highway, so they need to be more responsible, es

ECOMY Runs Vale Eco Centre

It’s a historic moment. Our first day of what’s to be the first time that a NGO is running a privately-owned ecopark. We look forward to engaging with our partners, our fellow NGOs, students and everyone to promote the wonderful swath of primary coastal rainforest and its amazing fauna!

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