malaysiakini: NGO calls for enforcement before the next haze hits

An NGO has called for strict enforcement against open burning to eliminate the perennial haze in the region. Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia (Ecomy) said the haze is man-made and its resolution lies in the prevention of activities that cause it. “The authorities will need to have stronger enforcement in place to prevent open burning and the haze even before a single fire is started,” said Ecomy founder and CEO Andrew Sebastian. He also said that indiscriminate clearing must stop and fossil fuel-intensive initiatives must not be encouraged. The haze has been a norm in the region over the past two decades and many people seem to have accepted it as an unavoidable hazard, he said, ad

malaysiakini: NGO gesa penguatkuasaan lebih ketat elak masalah jerebu

Sebuah badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) menggesa penguatkuasaan lebih ketat terhadap pembakaran terbuka bagi membasmi jerebu berterusan di rantau ini. Persatuan Ekopelancongan & Pemuliharaan Malaysia (ECOMY) berkata jerebu buatan manusia dan penyelesaiannya terletak pada usaha pencegahan terhadap puncanya. “Pihak berkuasa perlu mempunyai penguatkuasaan lebih mantap untuk mencegah pembakaran terbuka dan jerebu malah sebelum satu pun pembakaran dimulakan,” kata Pengasas dan CEO ECOMY Andrew Sebastian. Beliau juga berkata kegiatan pembersihan tanah dan hutan secara sewenang-wenangnya perlu dihentikan dan inisiatif berintensifkan bahan bakal fosil juga tidak patut digalakkan. Jerebu sudah menjadi sesu

Dr Xavier: 2020 to be landmark year for Malaysian biodiversity (ECOMY says ...)

Read the article here: ECOMY says: A few things to look out for and to support! Let’s hope we have better laws to protect sites and wildlife, harsher and life imprisonment for poachers and traffickers, a Biodiversity Centre that will function and not left neglected starved of funds and mandate and a conference that will make practical sense of things that are crucial to sustaining and elevating our biodiversity (not just adding to hot air and creating more levels of environmental bureaucracy). On the same

Talk on “Snakes of Teluk Rubiah”

ECOMY was invited and gave a talk on “Snakes of Teluk Rubiah” for Vale Malaysia as they wanted their workforce to understand snakes and how best to avoid conflict. ECOMY give talks to a variety of nature and conservation related topic. Kindly contact us at if you want a presentation for your organization. Thanks!

Green groups see the over call for their punishment

PETALING JAYA: A recent instigation for punitive action against critics of the palm oil industry has prompted two environmental activist groups to condemn reactive behaviour and to call for positive engagement. Commenting on remarks made at a forum in Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday, spokesmen for Eco-tourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (Ecomy) and Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka) said the attacks by industry captains Yusof Basiron and Franki Anthony Dass were unwarranted and unfair. Yusof, executive director of the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries, and Dass, chief adviser and value officer at Sime Darby Plantation, accused NGOs of orchestrating attacks against palm

World Wetlands Day 2020

Come celebrate World Wetlands Day with us! Enjoy a walk along our river, discover the unique biodiversity around Teluk Batik, have a meal with us and join the worldwide celebration to appreciate our wetlands. Date: 15th February 2020 (Saturday) Time: 0830 - 1200 hrs Venue: Vale Eco Centre, Teluk Batik, Perak, Malaysia Participation is FREE! Limited for first 20 pax only! #WetlandBiodiversityMatters

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