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Honorary Secretary
Jasmin Edna Peters.png

Jasmin is based in Malaysia and has 20 years of experience working with Financial Services & Consulting. She has in-depth and vast knowledge in organisational and business transformation, cross functional process improvement, culture inculcation, change management, leadership and talent management.


Her broad experience and exposure have positioned her well as Subject Matter Expert in several areas. She is the Subject Matter Expert on Employee and Customer Experience and Change Management. She has played strong roles in Firm-wide branding initiatives, from organising to hosting Corporate Events, speaking on Panels and to Boards and representing the Firm on Media – BFM.

Currently, she is the Director of Leadership & Talent at Global Fashion Group. This is a global role and her responsibilities are to the Group and its entities across Latin America, Commonwealth of Independent States, South East Asia and Australia and New Zealand. The Group is the Management and holding company. The Entities are the commercial arms and these are Dafiti, Lamoda,Zalora and The Iconic respectively. This is the diversity that Jasmin manages in this capacity across the emerging markets and economies with multiple cultures.


She is a strong advocate of appreciating the DNA of which built an organisation, define its purpose and to then work on the delta and growth strategies. Jasmin’s strength is in her ability to empathise and appreciate operating environments quickly and “joint-the-dots’ easily, thus bringing real value and sustainable results to the solutions and implementations put in place.


This is her passion, and she enjoys working with organisations on their key and critical agendas to make them successful.

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