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Empowering Orang Asli Communities (EOAC)

with Clean Water, Clean Energy and Basic Health Education.


A project supported by Yayasan Hasanah 2020

Many Orang Asli families (especially women & children) spent hours every day to fetch water to, and from their water source to home. Almost all villages at this area do not have toilets (and with proper sewage facilities). At nights and evenings, poor light conditions only add on to the risk that they face daily. This is not only time consuming but also causes safety issues & health issues such as back ache, joint sprain, injury, diarrhea, animal bites etc.

ECOMY has had a long presence and engagement with the community and based on preliminary discussions with the various community leaders, the most urgent needs of the community to remain safe, have a sustained (and safe) access to clean water and power and to plan/re-energize their health and economic livelihood, this is the proposal we are putting forward.

This project also aims to build and maintain 2 toilets with proper sewage tanks and maintenance for 2 years. This project will also supply easy use solar systems (Sun King Pro 400 or equivalent) for each household in both this villages as well as a main sheltered structure (wakaf) for centralized talks, discussions training as well to create opportunities for economic recovery / sustainability and small busines (crafts, non-timber products). Each household will also receive their own "Life Straw 2.0" unit for final source drinking water. At the beginning and end of this project, we will also conduct a simple survey on the effectiveness of the activities, community perception and lifestyle change (if any) based on the improvements this project brings.

Through our pre-proposal consultations, we have 2 villages ie Kampung Yong (10 households) and Kampung Tabung (18 households).

Phase 1 is targeted for Kampung Tabung, along Sungai Tembeling, across from Taman Negara in the state of Pahang, Malaysia.
We completed all deliverables on 10th November 2020 as well as a guarantee to maintain the facilities for 2 years.

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