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ECO Junior Warriors
(ECOMY's Environmental School Volunteers)

~ creating legacy of conservationist ~

Program Sukarelawan Alam Sekitar Sekolah (PROSAS)

SMK Seri Manjung, Perak
September 2019 - August 2020

PROSAS started off in mid-2018 during a study by Faculty of Forestry, University Putra Malaysia on ‘Secondary School Students’ Motivation, Opportunity and Ability Towards Active Involvement in Environmental Conservation Efforts’ held for a duration of 12 months around Teluk Batik area and Pulau Pangkor.

This student-led program is consisting of 80 form 4 and 5 students from SMK Seri Manjung and SMK Pangkor, facilitated by ECOMY’s Environmental Education Officers and Pangkor Nature Guides, and mentored by Dr. Evelyn Lim Ai Lin and Wong Li Juan from UPM.

The students group themselves into 5 teams namely Research, E-Bulletin, Arts and Crafts, Video and Social Media Team. The students plan and run environmental activities themselves, guided by the mentors and facilitators. The students’ representatives also presented their program on an International level event called “Vale Eco Centre’s Regional Workshop. The first batch of the program ended in September 2020 with a night camp at Vale Eco Centre.

The program continued with a second batch group consisting of 51 form 4 and 5 students from SMK Seri Manjung. The program received overwhelming participation request. However, due to limited resources ECOMY only accepts 51 participants for the second batch held from October 2019 until September 2020.

In future, ECOMY visualizes more schools to embark into PROSAS, creating awareness about conservation to more school students and develop them as conservation’s agent of change in the community.

ECO Warriors

January 2020 - Ongoing

After completing school, the first batch of PROSAS have been actively participate and volunteer in ECOMY’s Environmental Activities even tough now they are no longer in school. They are now the mentor and facilitator to the junior batch of PROSAS. 

Such legacy is believed to be very inspiring and commendable. ECOMY wish for the legacy to continue in creating more young conservationist. Hence, ECOMY acknowledges and recognizes their gestures and support the volunteering movement called ECO Warriors.

ECO Warriors will soon further their study into various higher learning institution or starting a career in an organization and will become agent of conservation in their institution/organization, creating an army of environmentalist around the world

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