Program Ramalan Amaran Banjir (PRAB)

(Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang)

Rakan PRAB (Rakan Program Ramalan Amaran Banjir) for Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang

December 2019 - November 2021

Program Ramalan dan Amaran Banjir Negara (PRAB) is a program carried out by the Drainage and Drainage Department (DID) for the purpose of reducing the effects of flood disaster in the future. The PRAB comprises four (4) key components namely Detection, Prediction Data Center, Prediction Modeling and Warning Spells. In this regard, awareness is one component that should be emphasized to target groups whether it is government agencies, private, non-governmental organizations, communities and educational institutes.

Therefore, using the Communication, Education and Public Awareness Program (CEPA) for the Sungai Pahang Basin, Kelantan River and Terengganu River can assist in the monitoring of prediction and warning components. Among the main targets of the group are educational institutions, which are students because, students, are active in the process of disseminating information. Students are also aware that, as a young generation, it is appropriate to apply positive values in an effort to raise awareness of the effects of floods and also to build sustainable awareness of flood forecasts and warnings.

The Rakan PRAB Program is implemented to give awareness to students with knowledge of PRAB, establishing a Rakan PRAB team among students and produce a holistic Rakan PRAB team to help raise awareness of flood forecasts and warnings.


The implementation of the Rakan PRAB program is expected to provide students with greater knowledge and awareness of PRAB, develop a PRAB Partner model to assist in the dissemination of flood forecasts and warnings and carry out environmental conservation activities to prevent flooding.




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