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DR. GHANI HUSSAIN is very much part of Langkawi Geopark, for he had returned to the land of his ancestors to serve his people.  A medical doctor by profession, he was amongst the first doctors to open a private clinic on the island in 1984.  In his early days, he practically circled the island daily treating people.

From 1995 onwards. he embarked on a series of expeditions with his children to uncover the mysteries that belie the Langkawi archipelago, her history, her flora and her geology.  From 2000, he extended his research to include traditional Malay medicine.

In 2006, he ceased active clinical practice to concentrate on documenting traditional knowledge, conserving and preserving them, and sharing this precious knowledge with others.  This led him to establish his Herbwalk.

Since his return after a two year stint in Kuala Lumpur, he has reactivated his efforts in the conservation and preservation of the flora of Langkawi, in particular, the mangrove and medicinal flora.

With the publication of his 3 books, he is now considered the foremost authority in Malay medicinal plants by the government and research institutions in the country.

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