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(hereinafter shall be referred to as “letter”)

I/We hereby acknowledge & agree that in consideration of permission to use or to enter your Land located at Teluk Batik (“Land”) on granted to me &/or my child/us &/or our participants (where relevant), agree with the followings: -

1)      I/We agree to release, discharge & covenant not to sue Vale Minerals Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“Landowner”), its directors employees, invitees, agents, representatives, officials, servants, successors, assigns & independent contractors (including but not limited to Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia [ECOMY]) (“Related Parties”) from & against any & all rights or claims for any fault, liabilities, demands, causes of action, costs & expenses & other action of any nature or kind whatsoever in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to me &/or my child/us, &/or our participants (where relevant) &/or property, whatsoever & howsoever caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part, directly or indirectly or by way of an act or omission or negligence of the Landowner &/or its Related Parties or otherwise, arising out of, or in connection with the use of the Land including but not limited to any activities carried out or merely being presence on the said Land;

2)      I/We further agree that if, despite this release, waiver of liability & assumption of risk I/We, or anyone on my/our behalf, makes a claim against the Landowner &/or  Related Parties, I/We will indemnify, save & hold harmless the Landowner &/or Related Parties from any loss, liability, damage or costs if any which may be incurred by the Landowner &/or Related Parties as a result of such claims including but not limited to any cost of settlement or judgement made or rendered against the Landowner &/or Related Parties;

3)      I/We are fully aware of the dangers & risks inherent in me &/or my child/us and/or our participants (where relevant) & hereby agree to accept all such risks & responsibilities for any loses, costs & damages incurs as a result of me &/or my child/us &/or our participants (where relevant) entering into your Land which may be caused by my own &/or child’s/our &/or our participants (where relevant) actions or inactions, actions or omissions & negligence of the Landowner &/or Related Parties or by those of others presence on the Land either known or not known at the point of entering into your Land;

4)      I/We further understand, acknowledge & agree:

a)      To keep the Land free from waste, garbage & other similar items or substances during the presence on or use of the Land;

b)      Not to carry out any illegal activities under any relevant laws during my &/or my child/our presence on the Land;

c)      That at any time, the Landowner reserves right to discontinue me &/or my child/us &/or our participants (where relevant) to enter into the Land for whatsoever reasons.

5)      I/We have carefully read letter this & declare that I/We have not been introduces by any direct soliciting of any nature nor lured by any promise made by anyone & sign in on my/our own free will. This letter shall bind my/our legal heirs, executors, administrators & assigns.


6)      I/We have agreed to receive any news or information on my/our email address.

This letter shall be governed by Malaysia Law & all matters arising there from are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian Courts.


I/We have carefully read this letter & understood the true meaning which is in English & intend it to be a complete, unconditional & irrevocable release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by the laws & agree that if any portion of this letter is held to be invalid the balance, not withstanding, shall continue to be in full force & effect.


Rules and regulation to be followed within Vale Eco Centre (VEC) area:


1. Suitable Attire, and cover shoes/sport shoes are mandatory.

2. Smoking are prohibited in all area.

3. Do not litter. Waste produced by visitor must be taken out of VEC area by the visitors themselves.

4. It is prohibited to carry and use polystyrene within the VEC area.

5. It is prohibited to give any form of food to animals within the VEC proximity.

6. Please follow the officer-on-duty’s instruction at all time.

7. Entrance to VEC without registration are considered an intrusion and is subject to prosecution.

6. For group visitor, please send a copy of your group information via WhatsApp (+601116775776) or email at

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