World Tapir Day 2020

Another year to celebrate and highlight one of our iconic species! ECOMYs annual education programme & celebration this year has to be postponed to the year next but we hope all of you would spare a moment and smile for our tapirs ... especially the Malayan Tapir here in Malaysia! Follow us on our Facebook:

Happy Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020 everyone! Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year and this year marks 50 years of Earth Day celebration. This year is very special as Vale Eco Centre (VEC) celebrate the Earth Day virtually with the rest of the world. We can do our part from home during #MCO to contribute to the Earth. How? Let’s see how our young volunteers from Seri Manjung Secondary School did it. Enjoy the video below and start practicing it! Together we can save our planet! Selamat menyambut Hari Bumi 2020! Hari Bumi disambut pada 22 April setiap tahun dan tahun ini merupakan sambutan yang ke-50. Vale Eco Centre (VEC) menyambut Hari Bumi secara maya pada tahun ini bersama seluruh dunia. Kita

Coronavirus: Fears for threatened sun bear after China touts injecting bear bile in fight against vi

Threatened sun bears could suffer from increased poaching due to the Chinese government’s touting of discredited bear bile treatment for coronavirus, conservation charities have warned. In a list of recommended treatments for Covid-19 published last month, China’s National Health Commission promoted injections of a “traditional medicine” containing bear bile. An estimated 12,000 bears are held in captivity on farms in China and Vietnam, where they are “milked” for the digestive fluid. But experts said China’s official approval of the so-called medicine could influence “desperate” consumers in Malaysia, potentially leading to an increase in sun bear poaching there. Monitor, a conservation soc

FMT: Malaysian bears in peril as China pushes cure for Covid-19

PETALING JAYA: Two environmental groups have warned of a threat to the survival of the already endangered Malaysian sun bear, now that China is promoting bear bile as treatment for Covid-19. Spokesmen for Monitor Conservation Research Society and the Malaysian Ecotourism and Conservation Society (Ecomy) told FMT they feared a rise in incidents of poaching. Loretta Shepherd, Monitor’s communication coordinator, cited a recent study showing poachers were continuing to hunt for sun bears to cater to a demand by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Sabah and Sarawak. According to the study, conducted last year, bear bile products were sold in 35% of traditional medicine outlets in Sabah

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