Royal Belum International Hornbill Expedition 2017 has just concluded

The Royal Belum International Hornbill Expedition 2017 has just concluded. Amazing experience where international delegates got to encounter an amazing Perak offering - our beautiful rainforest containing 10 species of hornbills. Thank you Perak State Parks Corporation, NCIA, Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Perak and Ministry of Tourism along with Wild Bird Club Malaysia, Nikon and NESt. Thank you to our amazing delegates for travelling the distance in search of hornbills and most of all, thank you to our amazing wildlife which showed up and wowed us all!

Royal Belum International Hornbill Expedition 2017

Exciting days ahead.. as ECOMY and friends (Royal Belum State Park, NCIA, Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Perak and Ministry of Tourism) along with Wild Bird Club Malaysia, Nikon and NESt, as we host international delegates arriving today for the Royal Belum International Hornbill Expedition 26-28 August 2017. Noah Strycker is here too!!

Royal Belum International Hornbill Expedition 2017

The Royal Belum International Hornbill Expedition 2017 will take place from the 25th to 28th August, 2017 and this bird watching event will be mainly to survey the Malaysian Hornbill population. Held at the Royal Belum State Park, this place is known to be the home of all 10 Malaysian hornbill species in an IBA or Important Birding Area of MY07. The event is also organised by EcoMy, one of the leading ecotourism non-governmental organisations of Malaysia. Royal Belum State Park is also known as one of the premier ecotourism destinations of Peninsular Malaysia, where the rainforest here are known to be over 130 million years old and the second oldest in the world. Read more: http://blog.mal

Naturally beautiful - NST

Zulkifly Ab Latif follows an expedition to document the flora and fauna of Pangkor Island I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed. There is a cacophony of activities around me — much of which is a mix of the strange with the familiar. A man walks by wearing neoprene scuba diving boots, carrying on his back an electronic-looking pack attached to a rod that reminds me of that 1980s Ghostbusters movie. Others are busy stacking steel cage traps, the kind I’ve used to catch rats at home, outside the resort’s main entrance. A woman in hiking boots is carrying a steel rod with a drill on one end. And there’s even a man walking around with snake catching tongs. I am at Panvill Resort and Training Camp, wi

ECOMY and friends bring the gift of lights to local communities

A new and innovative project to support local orang asli communities that live in and around protected areas was successfully launched today by local NGO, Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY), in partnership with the Bird Group Taman Negara and supported by the Lewis & Clark College, Portland, USA. 10 easy use and mobile solar panels for lights was presented to the orang asli community of Kampung Dedari which is located upriver from Kuala Tahan and across from Taman Negara, Pahang. ECOMY CEO & Co-founder, Andrew Sebastian remarked "We are blessed to have so much natural resources here in Taman Negara and one of the best and unique, are the orang asli community! This is one way


KampungKu is a signature event of ECOMY to support and provide local communities living in and around protected area in Malaysia. Our maiden project and site will be at Kampung Dedari, Kuala Tahan, Pahang. This phase is proudly supported by Lewis & Clark College, Portland, USA. For long term monitoring, this project will partner with local community group, the Bird Group Taman Negara . Partners:

Pangkor: Know it, love it - Star2

Mention Pangkor, and you’d probably think of the seaside resorts and satay fish snacks that are so often associated with this small island, just off Lumut, Perak. Nobody could’ve imagined that in mid-July, over 115 researchers from 14 different institutes in Malaysia would have convened here for the Pangkor Island Scientific Expedition 2017 (PISE 2017). They were joined by 300 local primary school pupils. Only a 10 minute boat ride from the mainland, this island is home to over 82 species of reptiles and amphibians (herpetofauna). PISE 2017 was a seven-day event hosted by the Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Malaysia (Ecomy) and supported by Vale Minerals Sdn Bhd. Its aim was to docume

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