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ECOMY and friends bring the gift of lights to local communities

A new and innovative project to support local orang asli communities that live in and around protected areas was successfully launched today by local NGO, Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY), in partnership with the Bird Group Taman Negara and supported by the Lewis & Clark College, Portland, USA.

10 easy use and mobile solar panels for lights was presented to the orang asli community of Kampung Dedari which is located upriver from Kuala Tahan and across from Taman Negara, Pahang.

ECOMY CEO & Co-founder, Andrew Sebastian remarked "We are blessed to have so much natural resources here in Taman Negara and one of the best and unique, are the orang asli community! This is one way ECOMY in partnership with localised NGO such as the BGTN and Lewis & Clark College, can appreciate and support local communities that continue to play an important role in ecotourism and as wardens of our rainforest".

Nurturing Nature

KampungKu is our signature event and we hope to do more in partnership with more villages in the near future and hope more corporate entities will support us.



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