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Baby elephant killed in highway accident

Presentation of the mock check from Watsons Malaysia to Ecomy, in aid of ‘Treasure Our Tapirs”. (From left) Sebastian, Safe Tree marketing manager Daniel Leong, Watsons Malaysia customer director Danny Hoh, Loh, Watsons Malaysia finance and IT director and A.S. Watsons Group CSR ambassador Low Siew Hui and Watsons Malaysia head of trading Foo Hwei Jiek.

NATURALS by Watsons, a brand under Watsons, raised over RM18,900 through a nationwide campaign. Resonating to the brand name “Naturals”, the personal care store decided to donate monies collected to a nature-inspired and natural cause, hence, the “Treasure Our Tapirs” fund started by Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (Ecomy).

The donation was presented to the association at an event held at Zoo Negara in May. Monies raised derived from products sold under the Naturals by Watsons line. Watsons contributed RM1 to the campaign (between April 4 and 24) for every item sold under the brand, both online and at physical stores.


According to Watsons Malaysia general manager and country head Caryn Loh, the company’s contribution to the chosen recipient fell in line as Naturals by Watsons promotes and advocates natural and organic ingredients while Watsons Malaysia supports community and social service works.

Moreover, the “Treasure Our Tapir” campaign educated the public on the Malayan Tapir, a rarely seen or spoken about animal species, and the importance of conserving Malaysia’s forest and wildlife as conservation key to one’s own wellbeing.

Added Loh during the event at the zoo: “Watsons Malaysia is proud to join efforts with Ecomy and empower the community where we live in. And I would like to thank Watsons VIP members, for purchasing Naturals by Watsons products range during the campaign. This cheque presentation today is a collaboration effort from all.”


Ecomy CEO and co-founder Andrew Sebastian was appreciative on the contribution and generosity of the public towards the campaign.

“What we are going to do with the funds is to start an educational programme for primary school students in the next few months. We will have this programme with local school students at Taman Negara.

“Our investment is meant for the young and we want the kids to grow up with a healthy lifestyle that is linked to nature. Taman Negara is the best place in the world to see our Malayan Tapirs in their natural state,” Sebastian shared. For more information, visit Watsons Malaysia’s website or its Facebook page.


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