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Tree-chopping, eagle-feeding and jet skis among threats to Langkawi, says group

Birdman from Oregon

The Kilim Geoforest Park in Langkawi is threatened by polluted rivers due to bad waste management, says an environmentalist. (LADA pic)

PETALING JAYA: Jet skis through mangroves, eagle-feeding and bad waste management are some of the issues that could threaten Langkawi’s natural beauty, says an environmental group in the wake of a recent claim that the island may lose its Unesco Global Geopark status.

Andrew Sebastian of the Ecotourism and Conservation Society of Malaysia said the organisation was ready to cooperate with the Kedah state government, and welcomed the idea to set up a “geopark department”.

“But what is needed is strong political will,” he told FMT.

He said deforestation at the foothills of Bukit Sawak and Gunung Raya was a primary concern as it was leading to loss of habitat for plants and animals, as well as soil erosion.


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