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Bird Enthusiasts are Sure to Delight​ from The Newly-Launched Official Birding Website in Malaysia

Birdwatching in Malaysia is a nature travel goal in itself in this country. As mentioned in our previously published article “Birdwatching In Malaysia: An Essential Guide“, there are more than a staggering 750 bird species in our jungles.

To elevate the birdwatching experience in Malaysia, the official “Birds Malaysia” website is the ideal platform for enthusiasts to find and engage in all travel-and-birds related information and activities in the country.

Birds Malaysia‘s information and travel packages are updated by professional birdwatching guides and leading bird experts and companies.

Visitors to the website will be treated with extensive and comprehensive Birding Routes of Malaysia–the specific birding spots, species to watch, accommodations nearby or even finding a local bird guide to hire.

You can also discover local birdwatching travel packages as low as RM3,500 for a 6 days/5 nights experience offered by local birding operators on the site. Among the travel destinations are “Birding @ Tabin” in Sabah, “Birdwatching @ MuluSarawak”, and “Birdwatching Tour @ Taman Negara Pahang.”

Birds Malaysia website is developed and managed by Ecotourism Conservation Society of Malaysia (ECOMY) and supported by Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia and Tourism Malaysia.

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