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Royal Belum Hornbill Expedition 2023

Royal Belum Hornbill Expedition 2023 ECOMY's annual signature event is back! Every year, the Plain-pouched Hornbills fly south from their home range in Myanmar & Thailand to forage in the Malaysian lowland forest of Royal Belum, Temengor Lake & Ulu Muda area.

ECOMY organizes trips annually to observe, count, and record sightings of these birds as well as to record the other 9 species of resident hornbills and other interesting birds and wildlife found in the Royal Belum State Park and the Temengor Lake, Perak, Malaysia.

We do this to promote ecotourism for the state, and country and to support local guides and businesses.

This year the event falls on 22-24th September 2023 for our first trip.


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