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Season To Give - EcoHero

It’s that time of year again.. when monsoon comes, our friends of the Bateq tribe and their children will be adversely affected..

PAY IT FORWARD this season by donating to the orang asli villages (Kampung Kuala Atok, Kampung Teresik, Kampung Tabung, Kampung Beruang, Kampung Dedari, Kampung Aur and Kampung Yong) of the Tembeling River, Pahang, Malaysia.

For more info about our work with the other villages at:

Click on the link below to donate:

Please contact us with the acknowledgement receipt and address for your tax exemption.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and care. Please share to help spread the word.

(Thanks Samantha for coordinating this and CK Lim for the tech & back end - we can all make a difference!)

#supportinglocalcommunities #ecoHero #Ecomy #helpeachotherout


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