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Shocking Encounter: Motorcyclist Collides With Clouded Leopard In Semenyih

A clouded leopard collided with a motorcycle along the main road between Semenyih and Kajang.

The incident, which occurred on Wednesday evening (13 Dec), injured the leopard and the motorcyclist.

The Semenyih Fire and Rescue Department swiftly responded to the scene, where they found the injured clouded leopard and the motorcyclist, who sustained minor injuries.

Following the incident, the authorities secured the area and restricted public access. They collaborated with the Wildlife Conservation and National Parks Department (PERHILITAN) to confine the clouded leopard safely in a cage.

Environmentalist Andrew Sebastian, CEO of the Ecotourism and Conservation Association Malaysia (ECOMY), stressed the lack of wildlife corridors on most roads and highways, underlining the need for caution when driving through forested areas.

He expressed optimism that the animal could be rehabilitated and reintroduced into the wild, highlighting its status as a rare and protected species contributing to the country’s biodiversity.

This incident sheds light on the issue of roadkill involving wildlife in Malaysia, which is a growing concern, particularly in the northern Peninsular region.

As the country’s road network expands to support economic growth and development, it inadvertently leads to habitat destruction, fragmentation, and increased wildlife roadkills.

A preliminary study in Jeli, Kelantan, recorded an average of seven roadkill cases per day, with mammals and reptiles comprising most of the incidents.

Various methods have been proposed to address this issue and minimize roadkill, including fences and crossing structures.

Research has shown that these measures can reduce roadkill incidents by 54 per cent.

Public awareness campaigns and educational initiatives can also be crucial in informing drivers about wildlife crossing areas and promoting responsible driving habits to avoid collisions with animals.

As efforts continue to protect Malaysia’s precious wildlife, this unexpected encounter reminds all road users to remain vigilant and mindful of the natural habitats surrounding them.

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