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When Art meets Nature!

The British Council Malaysia invited ECOMY last March to participate in discussions around how cultural diversity intersects with biodiversity as part of the Human-Nature programme - a 3-year exchange between the UK and Malaysia Civil Society Organisations and the arts.

Held at Rimbun Dahan, the session comprised of a visiting UK delegation of 7 members of civil society and the arts sectors with representatives from their Malaysian counterparts. The purpose was the engage in conversation, elaborate on current projects, share learnings and explore opportunities.

In our sharing, ECOMY elaborated on the relationships that form between preservation of indigenous societies and the conservation of its natural forests and biodiversity through our projects such as KampungKu and the Bateq Nature Guides. We also shared on the potential for indigenous art to advocate for nature conservation. Further learnings and collaboration ideas were explored on the significance of preserving cultural lands and how nature plays into the very identity of not just indigenous people but society at large.

A day of meaningful learnings and of great potential opportunities!

ECOMY was represented by Ms. Shakila Rajendra, Vice Secretary-ECOMY.



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