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Pangkor Scientific Expedition 2017, 15 - 21 July 2017

“Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta..” a popular and old malay saying, roughly translates to “One only loves what one knows/understands”. This awareness as well as an appreciation for the island’s natural assets is the key to inculcating a love for one’s environment and a sense of ownership over it.

Islands are, today, the forefront of conservation battles. Of 724 known animal extinctions in the last 400 years, about half were of island species, and of the bird species that have become extinct in that period, at least 90 percent were island dwellers!

A scientific expedition is crucial to understand, manage and hopefully protect Pangkor Islands! This proposal lays out a 2 part, 7 day expedition that will involve over 60 researchers to cover terrestrial and marine biodiversity and elements. There is a vast area to survey but strategically, a few islands have been identified to represent focus point for potential ecotourism development.

Uniquely, this expedition will also feature “Discovery Presentations” by the various researchers at various public areas around the islands to engage and inform the local communities and visitors.

The expeditions will also include local school students and representatives from the islands tourism stakeholders. All presentations will include community leaders as VIPs. A public seminar, educational materials for schools and tourists and proceedings will also be developed.

This expedition and the process in which the activities are carried out will ultimately bring the island and islanders together!

Pangkor is estimated at about 220 million years old and has amazing wildlife & natural history features to offer tourists and scientists alike. In May 2009, The Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia organised an internal expedition and proceedings of which were published in a 2012. This expedition today is to further document and highlight the exciting opportunity for an expedition to be conducted with the active participation of the islanders.

With the appropriate and mindful project design, ECOMY, with the support of Vale Malaysia Minerals Sdn Bhd believes that an expedition is critically needed to both document and protect/manage Pangkor & its islands biodiversity. We need data, baselines and stock taking to ensure we can assist with the appropriate management of the islands and its resources including the effects of mankind towards its local environment.


To study and document all biodiversity in strategic terrestrial areas of Pangkor and selected surrounding marine sites to provide valuable information to help manage human-wildlife areas and ecotourism activities for a sustainable future.

  1. To survey, identify and document a potential 12 subject groupings including shoreline & marine flora/fauna.

  2. To organize a Public Seminar on the finding of the Expedition

  3. To publish scientific papers & popular use materials

  4. To conduct periodical, public ‘Discovery Presentations’

  5. To support the development and capacity build potential local naturalists/guides through the Pangkor Island Nature Guide Mentorship Programme and to also engage with the local community based on sustainable ecotourism principles and practices


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