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World Squirrel Appreciation Day - First & Exclusive event in Malaysia

Birdman from Oregon

On 20th January 2018, VEC hosted the first & exclusive event in Malaysia which is also the first programme for VEC to kickoff in 2018 - World Squirrel Appreciation Day!

40 participants who joined the programme comprised SMK KDSK, the local community and walk-in visitors. They were given an informative talk about squirrels & their importance to nature.

The programme continued with squirrel-watching out in the vicinity of the centre, where they had the privilege of seeing one of the largest squirrels in the world - Black Giant Squirrel.

A creative activity continued next, where participants created models of squirrels using recycled materials. The entire activity for World's Squirrels Appreciation Day got them to discover one of our most adorable yet overlooked creatures while appreciating our precious natural heritage.


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