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Empowering Pahang's Orang Asli with Clean Water and Health Education

Clean water has transformed Kampung Tabung, where for the first time in their lives, its 118 residents have proper toilets to use. Funded by the Hasanah Special Grant 2020, Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia - ECOMY worked with the local community to construct a gravity-fed water system for the village, and community is elated!

It's smiles all around, especially for the children, as they no longer have to bathe, wash or do their laundry in the river. For the first time, they get to brush their teeth and wash their faces without feeling the silt or sand of muddy river water. But more than that, clean water also means less risk of disease, better sanitation and improved hygiene. Communities downstream also reap the benefits of less polluted river water. It is a simple change, but one that has completely altered the future of the village.

For this Bateq community, tomorrow is cleaner, healthier and brighter.

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