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Pelancaran Sekulah Bateq (Bateq School)

Sekulah Bateq (Bateq School) was launched today, a milestone for us and the village of Kampung Kuala Atok, Jerantut, Pahang.

A collaboration between Bird Group Taman Negara and supported by RYTHM Foundation, this 1-year Phase 1 programme will see teachers visiting the village and teaching 30 of the community’s (Bateq tribe) children with the target that some of them will get a chance to attend (special) government school next year.

Our thanks to the community, parents, teachers, JAKOA for the support and opportunity for ECOMY and friends to bring some assistance to the betterment of the community.

With the #BirdGroupTamanNegara we now have a chance to help our friends!

Special thanks to #RYTHMFoundation!


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