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The SoWild series of "Art Meets Conservation"

4 December 2021, Taiping, Perak.

In conjunction with World Wildlife Conservation Day 4th December 2021 today, three local entities came together to unveil a new pioneer programme aimed at creating awareness and the love for nature conservation through art!

The SoWild series of ‘Art Meets Conservation’ kicked off at ZooTaiping & Night Safari with the first workshop series dedicated to Elephants! Aptly named ‘SoWild About Elephants’, this unique awareness programme was developed by local wildlife conservation artist, Christine Das and backed by Ecotourism & Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY).

“We can think of no other place to unveil and conduct our first SoWild series here at Zoo Taiping & Night Safari as it is not only a well-managed facility but it has a strong local community following and a progressive education agenda. From Elephants, our idea is to move on and to highlight 14 other endangered and unique Malaysian wildlife that deserves our attention especially in the wild,” announced by Ms. Christine Das who is regarded as one of our most celebrated wildlife conservation artists.

Beginning with a presentation on the various types of elephants in the world by local naturalist and ECOMY President, the participants were introduced to the Malayan Elephant subspecies. “Malaysia is blessed as one of the mega-diverse countries in the world and with so much to offer to the world in terms of unique wildlife and wild landscapes. How many Malaysians themselves know that our Peninsular Malaysia has its very own ‘type’ or subspecies of elephants? We have to inspire the public to appreciate and moving forward, to lend their voices to protect these magnificent mammals in the wild,” added Andrew Sebastian.

The half-day programme for participants ages 7 to 65 paint saw t hem painting limited edition sculptures along with Ms Christine Das as they collectively discuss interesting facts and features of the Malayan Elephant.

"Enhancing Human Potential, this is the brand philosophy for Quantum Computing, because we believe in the growth potential for people to be better and contribute more. So Wild About Elephants has this same philosophy hence the event resonated well with us. We hope that our contribution today will help more people find their connection with conservation efforts and do more to protect our endangered species," shared Mr. Sakthivel Narayanasamy, Chairman of Quantum Computing, the main sponsor of the programme.

The event was launched by Zoo Taiping & Night Safari Director, Dr Kevin Lazarus.



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